2008 Electoral Map

The 2008 U.S. election has finally come and gone. Below, I've posted an electoral state map, with the states whose electoral votes are pledged to John McCain in red, and the states whose electoral votes are pledged to Barack Obama in blue. Yes, this map includes only the continental United States. If you're curious, Alaska went to John McCain (red), and Hawaii went to Barack Obama (blue). I don't have any information on the remaining 8 states (just kidding).

If you click on the map, a window will open and you'll get a 48-piece jigsaw puzzle. Appropriately, each state will be a different piece. Now that the election is over, can you put the continental United States of America back together?

Open the puzzle by clicking here!

Click here to see the rules for this puzzle.

To work on the jigsaw puzzle, click on the above link to open the modal window that contains the puzzle. The clock will start when you use your mouse to pick up the first piece. Move the pieces around by clicking and dargging them with your mouse. You can use this to arrange pieces on the board, and to connect pieces by placing your selected piece close enough to a connecting piece that one piece's nub locks into the other's void. You can close the window by clicking the circular area in the upper right corner of the window.

Let everyone know how you did in the comments!


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