This site is powered by numerous technologies and programs that make the puzzles possible. In this post, I'd like to give credit where credit is deserved by linking to the people, sites, and technologies responsible for making this site's content possible.

  • Applet Depot: Eric Harshbarger's site features many Java applets that he has generously allowed to be used on any website. You can see his programs at use in my word search and FlipSwitch puzzle posts.

  • FancyBox: This is the program that powers the Lightbox-like windows you see on this site.

  • Java: Sun Microsystems' programming language is so versatile, it can be used online and offline.

  • Javascript: The most commonly used scripting language on the web! Despite the name, it's vastly different from Java (above).

  • Jigzone: This site not only lets you play jigsaw puzzles, but create and embed your own original puzzles, as well!

  • jqPuzzle: A powerful jQuery plug-in that powers the slider puzzles you see on this site.

  • jQuery: A popular Javascript library that vastly simplifies how Javascript, HTML, and CSS work together.

  • Mazesmith: This is the powerful, yet simple, Javascript program that makes the custom-shaped mazes on this site possible.

  • Timed Quiz Generator: An online program that lets you quickly and easily generate the HTML/Javascript/CSS code for your own custom How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes?-style quiz.

As I continue to make use of new programs to develop puzzles on this site, this post will be updated with new information.


  1. mario  

    June 3, 2009 at 5:45 AM

    hello Scot!
    Ive stumble upon your tutorial @ and i want to thank you for shaing that. I already used that in my new web site.
    Now i got the similar problem with another script from the same site.It is called Multiple Fancy Drop Caps

    is it possible to do the same with that also? i.e. to have multiple divs with their own id's? How to get that without multiplying same piece of code?

    Thank you very much! :-)

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