If you've been wondering why I haven't been posting recently on Scott's Puzzles, it's because I've been working on getting this puzzle just right! I hope you like it.

This upcoming Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008 is election day in the United States. To help garner interest in voting in this year's election, I'm posting this puzzling reminder in red, white and blue!

All you have to do in this particular puzzle is arrange the pieces to read “VOTE THIS TUESDAY”. As you can see by clicking the Original button, the word “TUESDAY” is split up into 2 lines, with the third line reading “TUES” and the 4th line reading “DAY”.

When solved, the top half of the puzzle will will have white letters on a red background, and the bottom half will have blue letters on a white background. The election date will pop up as the missing piece.

Since each piece features a letter, I have turned off the Numbers button (which ordinarily numbers each piece).

When I tested this puzzle on some friends, some found it to be no more difficult than the standard fifteen puzzle. Others claimed it was “tricky”, or even “unsolvable”. To those who think it can't be solved, I say, “Not only can it be solved, but it's a great way to rate your mind, pal!”

Vote This Tuesday

Click here to see the rules for this puzzle.

Click on any block next to the empty space, and that block will slide into the empty space. The Shuffle button mixes the pieces, and the Original button shows the finished picture. The clock begins when you move your first piece, and when you solve the puzzle, the empty square will appear.

Let everyone know how you did in the comments!


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