There's been plenty of controversy surrounding ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), especially in the past month. Most, but not all, of the attention has focused on the irregularities of their 2008 election voter registration efforts, which have taken place over 18 states.

Many are concerned about possible voter fraud by ACORN, especially considering the large numbers of fraudulent voter forms they've provided (including Mickey Mouse in one case, and one person registering more than 70 times in another). There are also questions over their use of felons (some of whom were jailed for identity theft), and connection to Barack Obama himself.

Just last night, the 6th Circuit Court ruled that Ohio, due to ACORN ballots, must verify voter registrations (overturning a previous decision that said they didn't). As I write this, it's just coming out that more than 200,000 unmatched Ohio voter registrations were concealed from local election boards.

The stories about ACORN really started coming out when ACORN's Las Vegas offices were raided by Nevada state authorities. Because there are so many irregularities coming from so many states and center around so many voter registrations by ACORN, the talk of FBI investigations and possible charges under RICO is growing stronger every day. (Update: This is no longer just talk. The FBI has officially confirmed it is investigating ACORN.)

While we watch the full story develop, you should know that there are 18 states where ACORN has focused their voter registration efforts in 2007 and 2008 (according to ACORN's own site), many of which you've probably heard about on the news. How many of them can you name in 7 minutes?

(I've already mention two of them, so consider those freebies.)


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